After I decided to transition for the 3rd time, I began to struggle once alot of new growth came in. I saw a post on about new generation keratin treatments and this intrigued me. These new products used glyoxyl cystine to produce a smoothing effect. This meant hair that was smooth and straight with none of the ramifications of formaldehyde. After a bit of research and penny pinching i save up to buy a bottle of this from a beauty supply distributor. At a bit less that $100 a bottle for 8 oz this very expensive  with my college budget. I figured that it would be worth the investment if i could get many uses out of it.

I used this quite a bit
I do not have a full list of ingredients for this product. Apparently its only supposed to be sold to professionals and the bottle does not have the ingredients listed on them anywhere. I did speak to the company before I got the product and they assured me it was very safe to use.(Although I did not tell them I was intending to use it by myself.)
The application was very easy and the formula made my hair very easy to comb through. although the bottle is only 8 oz the foam makes a little bit go along way. I got several full head uses out of this product and I did not even finish the entire thing. Blow drying and flat ironing was also quite easy because the formula is light and dries quickly. My hair did feel a bit parched and crispy after flat ironing however and it wasn’t as shiny as I thought it would be. I did this treatment around the summer time and I had a familiar looking result…..
Not a good sign!
The puffiness reminded me of the Ion Keratin treatment I had used a while back. I was worried that when i rinsed it out it would be a big dissapointment. Thankfully after i washed it out i noticed my hair was a little looser and softer. Although with my hair wet with just water my hair did not look that much different as compared to when I rinsed out my OK keratin treatment.
Slightly loosened result
 The best way to be able to see the difference that this product had in my hair is to show a side to side comparison of my hair slicked back with gel. I used the same product in both pictures but as you can see the after effect is visibly different. 
The hair is slightly elongated,shiner and smoother. I was pretty pleased with the results. I would say this is a mild treatment. Unfortunately, mild also means not as long lasting. This product promises up to 12 weeks of smoothing and defrizzing effects. I would say it lasted about 2-3 washes which is about 2-3 weeks for me. This product is effective but the longevity is horrible! I kept using it with a high frequency because of this but in the long run it didn’t seem worth it.
Overall I took this as a learning experience.I did not see many reviews on this product and the few reviews I did see were very positive.ex:”OMG this is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!” and have absolutely NO follow up.(my pet peeve!) There are many factors to consider as to why this product didn’t last such as what complimentary products  were/weren’t used. I would recommend this product for someone who is interested in keratin/ smoothing treatments and doesn’t want to try anything risky or possibly have long term effects. Its a good product, its just not what I’m looking for.
If anyone is interested in obtaining the rest of my bottle contact me.
Thanks for reading <3
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